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Paying too much in interest? Tired of high payments?

  • Have you ever tried to buy a car, or furniture only to be turned down because of BAD CREDIT?

  • Want to get into that dream home but you can’t because of BAD CREDIT?

Do you have any of the following negative items on your credit report?



I know what you feel like!

After we first got married my wife lost her job and since my income wasn’t enough for us to live on, we ended up using our credit cards to live off of. Next thing you know, we were in debt $30,000! When my wife finally got a new job, we worked very hard paying down our debt and even enrolled in a debt management system to help us reduce our payments to “save our credit” we were told. After a few years of never missing a payment, we decided to move to more affordable Idaho and start a family and wanted to buy house.

Well guess what we found out when we tried to apply for a house loan: Even though we never missed a payment on our credit card debt, our credit score actually DECREASED. Furthermore, I discovered I had a $6000 bill on my credit report from 1998 that WASN’T EVEN MY FAULT!! Can you imaging my frustration and embarrassment when the mortgage broker showed me my credit score when we tried to get the house loan!
Because of our marginal credit, we were just barely able to buy cheap house and the interest was an outrageous 13%!!! Our payments were so high; we could hardly afford the monthly payments. We felt so helpless! It seemed we could NEVER get out from our bad credit….

It wasn’t until I met Angel and Richard at ADVANCED CREDIT SOLUTIONS that I was able to find a solution to my debt problem! With their help, we were able to refinance our house, boast our credit score, get out of debt and lower our monthly house payments! WOW, I STILL CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!

So the $64,000 question is, WHY WAS I IN SUCH A MESS? Because my credit score was marginal I was a victim of subprime lending, which essentially was enormous interest rates, which meant HIGH PAYMENTS!!

By raising my credit score, my family and I were offered a better way of life! Now I know you might be thinking, “Is this for real? I have really bad credit can there be any help for me?

I want to tell you a story:

Working in the car business for a number of years, I noticed that so many times there were really good people out there who genuinely need a car because their old one broke down, or they’ve been in a wreck and they don’t have an enormous down payment to buy another vehicle. The only problem is they have bad credit, or just less-than-perfect credit and I am respectfully told that they can’t buy a car because no bank will finance them!

One such lady, we’ll call her Judy, was a retiree and a widow. She was on a limited income and couldn’t afford an expensive car. Since her credit was not very strong, her interest rates were so high all she could do was buy a cheap car from a dealer who sold her a hunk of junk. Well after driving the car for 3 months the transmission went out on it and on her limited income, she could not afford to pay for a new transmission as well as keep paying on the car. So what could she a 82 year old woman do? She was forced to have her car reposed! What do you think it did to her already marginal credit! BAM now all of a sudden, she had a repo on her credit report and now she really was in a fix.
Why? Because this repossession kept her from buying a decent car that would allow her to retire in dignity. It was really sad! Instead she was forced to go to the buy-here-pay here dirt lots and buy cars that were absolute rubbish.

You see if Judy had good credit, she could have a nice car to retire in, a car that was under full warranty that wouldn’t break down. Sadly Judy is the epitome of many hard working folks trying to make it in the world.

So how can YOU can have good credit?

Let me tell you a little known secret that the credit bureaus don’t want you to know, listen carefully….
Under a consumer protection law known as the Fair Credit REPORTING ACT –FCRA-the only bad (or negative) information which can remain on your credit report is not what is accurate. Rather, it is only credit information that can be proved accurate under the FCRA. This means that any negative item on your credit report can only remain there if it is accurate and CAN BE PROVED AS SUCH under the guidelines of the FCRA.

So you see my friend, the Law is on YOUR SIDE! Did you know that the credit bureaus have to contact you before reporting your accounts? If the credit bureaus cannot verify your account they must remove it. ALL bad accounts can be ERASED if not reported properly. 98% of the information that is on YOU is done IMPROPERLY!!!!!


I’m sure your like most of our customers you've done your homework and you know that there a lot of folks advertising “credit repair”.

Well the bottom line is this.

With our team of professionals, we get results other credit repair companies can’t get? How? First off we don’t use “boiler plate form letters” that the credit bureaus see a mile off! No, it is personalized, case by case basis with the professional expertise to send EFFECTIVE letters that get PERMANENT results.

Secondly we are a professional, accredited agency that is personable. You are important to us. When you have a question, you’re not phoning in to some call center where a telemarketer is routing your call and trying to sale you a service! No way! We are personable and you phone calls come directly to credit repair experts and not salesman.

But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what others are saying about us:

“After my divorce my credit score took a plunge, I could hardly finance a stick of gum. But now, thanks to Credit-Helper.net, my score is back up so that I can buy ANYTHING I WANT. Thanks a million

Donny- Middleton
“I had some medical charge-offs on my credit report that I didn’t even know about. But when my husband and I tried to buy a house the only way we could do it was to get a 12% interest rate which nearly killed us. Thanks to Credit-Helper.net we were able to get the collections off our credit report and refinance our house with no problem. You guys are the greatest!"

“My car broke down and I had no choice but to buy another one. When I went to the car dealership, they told me I had some collections on my credit report from the 1990’s and that my credit score was less than a 600. The only way I could get financed was nearly 15% interest. I was so humiliated. But now with the service of Credit-Helper.net, my credit score has jumped nearly 100 points and still rising. Thanks guys!”


See, your not alone!.

Folks just like you have been rejected OVER and OVER again for credit that usually the really need!

So here is the GOOD NEWS! You turn your credit around now just like these people in the testimonials. Even if you get one bad item off of your credit bureau you can save literally THOUSANDS on intrest payments!

Look at some of the benefits of having GOOD CREDIT!

-Which of one of these do you want?

Dream Home! Finally you can get approved instantly on the house you've always wanted, the house you deserve without paying through the nose on intersted rates! Finally you can relax in your very own home!
Apartment of your dreams! And you don't have to pay your rent through money orders!.
Credit Cards! If you don't have a one, you can get one with a LOW INTERST RATE! Wouldn't that be nice!
Car, Truck, SUV you want. Get approved right there on the spot! And you won't have to worry insane payments with high interest.
A Boat, Airplane, Horses...Any other hobby you wan to finance!
Start a buisness! Go back to school, the sky's the limit!
Refinance your house! Get out of that CRAZY interest rate,and save Tens of Thousands of dollars! You'll qualify for the best rate possible!
Positive credit? Yes, we'll help you get that too. So when anyone looks at your credit history they see someone with a solid track record.

So how can you benefit from this? What does this mean for you?

Sign up now and we’ll have a Credit Repair expert get in touch with you right away. With the current economic, and social security situation, it is the consumers responsibility to plan for their retirement. The fact of the matter is someone will have your retirement - either you or the bank.

Which do you prefer?

Start now and plan your future. Have the credit that you deserve. Don’t wait! The sooner you start on your repairing your credit, the sooner you’ll start SAVING MONEY in interest!

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